Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Constant Travel Companion

Meet Peggy, my trusty luggage. She's the one constant in all my travels, save for trips to Boracay and Macau where an overnight bag suffices. She's even better than a dog--she doesn't shed and slobber, she sits quietly in the corner, I don't have to feed her, and I'm not in danger of a broken heart in the event she dies. True, she doesn't dance like crazy to meet me, but she's more than I could possibly hug.
the ever-reliable Peggy
Some well-meaning friends voiced their disapproval for a pricey luggage (hello, Samsonite ito, hindi Chanel). They also pictured scenarios of my Peggy being tossed around in transit. But she has proved to be hardy, and checking-out is a breeze since she stands out in a sea of somber-looking bags. Good thing I'm too lazy to scrape off the travel stickers slapped on her, because the last time she came out in the conveyor belt with a twin, I knew from one look to tell them apart (I still have to check, though, when I get back home--I haven't unpacked since yesterday's flight). 

She's a beauty, no? I lied when I tell everyone I'm incorrigibly single. Without knowing it, I have already met a (travel) mate for life. 

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