Wednesday, July 25, 2012

At the Suvarnabhumi Airport

I love Thailand's Suvarnabhumi Airport because it's huge, airy, and light. Its size could be daunting, but adequate signs abound in English, and I stayed close to my colleagues. The language barrier is less daunting when you're with a group.

Before our departure, we took time for souvenir shots, like this one with a yaksha demon warrior statue. It would have been a crime not to. These warriors are said to protect the good and kept away evil spirits.

During our arrival a few days earlier, I was fascinated with one wall filled with paintings. These were courtesy

of the members of the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture, and Graphic Art, of Silpakorn University. There seems to be a world-wide trend to bring art closer to the public, such as in airports.

Again, airy, bright, and modern.

Pictures of the king greeted us as we were about to leave the country.

I'm a fan of Thai food. Even those in the airport were good.

after immigration
From immigration, it was a long walk to the departure area. Shops were everywhere, and I had to restrain myself from spending the last of my money. I made a mental note to buy pastries exclusively sold in the airport. Fortunately we reached the gate minutes before boarding.


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