Friday, June 8, 2012

Allow Me to Toot My Horn

taking a shot of the man in the mirror

By now you might have noticed that I maintain two blogs: one on food, the other on travel. The first one is the crowd-pleaser--it gets the most attention, more people can relate to it, and I aggressively market it. This blog is more personal, since I let the readers in on my point-of-view, that of the introverted traveler. I find promoting this blog more of a struggle, specially for the more soul-baring posts. Lately it has taken in a more generic character. I know I should write more personal entries, otherwise I'll lose what makes this blog distinctive. Finding the right balance, now that's the challenge.

A reminder to return to my roots came in via this blog post on travel blogs, which recommends travel bloggers to, among others, have a unique perspective. Guess what blog was used as an example?

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