Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day Trip: Camayan Beach Club

December was chockful of get-togethers, with some activities bleeding in to the other. The holidays could be exhausting, but when it comes to being with friends, you make time. My law school classmates and I decided to ditch the usual Manila venues and go on a day trip to Subic's Camayan Beach Club instaed. 

We left Manila before 7 am and we handily reached our destination in less than 3 hours. The travel time included a detour to one of the gas stations along the expressway for a quick breakfast. 

The place was not overrun by people, which I like, and there were lifeguards posted nearby the cabana we rented. We brought snacks and drinks to last us the whole day and had lunch in the resort restaurant which served food that was more than decent.

Ready cash for entrance fee and cabana rentals.

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