Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Batangas City's Pontefino Hotel and Residences

I was fortunate to experience staying in Pontefino Hotel during one of our out-of-town seminars held in Batangas City, three hours by car south of Manila and one of the fastest developing cities in the country. 

The hotel website says most of its furniture were sourced from the province of Batangas, and from what I saw in my room, I was pleased. My room was airy and bright and located on the first floor. I had to make sure to close the curtains by my bed, since just outside was a heavy-traffic area. Other than that detail, I had no problems with my room. 

Part of the dining area. 

The lobby, quite modest but lovely.

At the background is Robusta Cafe. I wasn't expecting much from the restaurant, but I was pleased with what I ate there. Here's a link to my dining experience review.  

I thought Cafe Robusta was named after the beans that make up Kapeng Barako, but research yields that the latter is made of Liberica coffee beans. During breakfast, I had the obligatory Kapeng Barako, one of the key products of Batangas.

Our function room, the design of which was more appropriate for a wedding reception.

Obligatory photo-op by the pool. This was taken a year ago, during my lean phase. I was all dressed up since most of our stay coincided with work. We were too pressed for time to go swimming.

Perhaps in my next visit, I'll linger longer and take a dip.

Hotel Pontefino and Residences 
Pastor Village, Gulod, Labac
Batangas City
(+63) 02 631 8310

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