Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pasalubong Options 3: Iloilo City, Cebu, and Cagayan

If you happen to travel to Iloilo City, Cebu, or Cagayan, or if you know someone coming from these areas, here are pasalubong options from the said places.

1. Margec's Cream Horn from Iloilo City

This is one memorable pastry. I first tasted this in Davao from someone who brought this all the way from Iloilo City. If you love custard, this is for you. This is similar to Camiguin's Vjandep Pastel, but the filling is more subtle, but addicting nonetheless.

2. Danggit from Cebu

Leyte might be gaining a reputation for this dried fish variety, but the original danggit from Cebu is still the main standard. Just make sure you buy the special danggit, for these are the ones that are less salty.

3. Cagayan Peanut Candy

For fans of Chocnut, this ones for you. Nutty, milky, and creamy.

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