Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013

There are few things I look forward to eagerly, and one of them is this:

I've been attending the Philippine Fashion Week for three years now as guest of my good friend, fashion designer June Pugat. Thanks so much, amigo! This year's edition is special because my niece joined me. I used to babysit her during breaks from law school, and look at her now.
my niece all dolled up for the show
Like me, she went the traditional conservative academic route, but has many friends who are into the arts, who sometimes make her their fashion muse.
souvenir shot while the backstage crew prepares for the next show
Pieces from my friend's collection are featured below. June Pugat went metallic and shiny for this edition. Click here to see his past collections.

Bravo, June! 

Below are select pictures from the other designers featured in the Grand Allure Show.

Until the next Fashion Week.