Friday, July 27, 2012

Palo, Leyte's The Oriental Hotel

I travel a lot for work,staying mainly in hotels. I guess I'm lucky, since only a few get the opportunity to travel and experience the myriad beauty of our country like I do. Recently I was more fortunate than usual, since we secured the services of The Oriental Hotel.

The hotel, now on its soft launch, is near the Leyte Landing Memorial and is located along the beach. It was love at first sight--the hotel would not look out-of-place in Boracay. All day you'd hear the crash of the waves.

I appreciate the effort to build around the existing trees.

This row of the rooms face the beach. One participant remarked that she could imagine Zuma rising out of the sea not far away.

This compound is already beautiful, but more so at night with all the lights.

The view from the second floor in the first light of the morning.

Indigenous orchids are everywhere in the grounds. 

a closer view of the orchid

Our welcome drink, with cucumbers, was very refreshing. 

They also served us with a drink made from kamote (sweet potato) tops.

The rooms were roomy and bright, which I prefer.

The early evening sky was a brilliant shade of blue. 

The hotel is indeed, lovely, the service more than adequate. I just wish they do something about their food--it's the usual hotel food. And I may still be persuaded to return on my own account if they beef up the wifi connection in the rooms. It's non-existent in the beachfront rooms.

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