Saturday, July 7, 2012

At the Lagoon Regency Boracay

By now you know what for me is a must for an ideal vacation--a nice hotel, preferably with a view. It starts and ends with the hotel. I can choose to stay  all day in my room, unmindful of time, wrapped in crisp white sheets. Or it's a place I look forward to after a day, or night, of adventure.

By now you also know I love traveling to Boaracay. I lean towards it's quieter side--early morning walks with only joggers and the occasional last night's reveler for company.

I also prefer to be alone, but I can't be choosy when someone else's footing the bill (thankfully I was rooming with Mathew, and we get along famously). That was the case a year ago, when we went to Boracay for work, and we were billeted at Lagoon Regency Hotel.

Lagoon Regency Boracay is not a beachfront hotel, but you can spend all day here and forget that a few steps away is the beach. And if you do, the hotel provides a van to bring you there.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.
Breakfast by the pool

our view

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