Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Legazpi Redux: Food and Beyond

One of my favorite places in the country is Legazpi City. For one, imagine waking up to the view of the iconic Mayon Volcano. For this post I'm featuring my favorite shot of the oft-photographed peak.
Lucky shot: I was seated by the window, the sky was almost clear, and I had 
 my camera on hand when the pilot maneuvered the plane for this awesome  view
Another reason why I always look forward to trips to the largest city in Bicol is the food. Lately I've been making regular visits to DJC Halo-Halo, a few steps away from Gaisano Mall
for their cheese-topped halo-halo. More of this iced dessert here
I also tried different versions of their Bicol Express, pork stewed in coconut milk and flavored with shrimp paste and finger chilis, but my favorite still is La Piazza's
Kim's Bowl has pineapple chunks in the mix
I prefer my Bicol Express to pack some heat, and with nary a trace of sugar,
like that of  Jennifer's Hotel and Restaurant
My classmate and her husband treated me to lunch at the quaint Sibid-Sibid Restaurant. For value-for-money, this is the place to go for those who are new to the region.

sibid-sibid means outrigger canoe 
Here are the standouts for me
Canoos Negro. Squid cooked in its own ink, coconut milk, and chili on a sizzling plate
Yena ice cream, topped with pinipig--toasted raw immature glutinous rice
For unusual ice cream flavors, I go to First Colonial Grill. For my favorite variant, read here.
Tinutong (burnt rice) ice cream, with a hint of coffee
For a touch of culture, my friends brought me to the Daraga Church located on top of a hill facing Mayon. It is also known as the Our Lady of the Gate Parish
baroque-style church 

This is where Cagsawa parishioners transferred after their church was destroyed by the eruption of Mayon.

For adrenaline junkies, there are two ziplines: one at Lignon Hill, the other at Embarcadero's. I tried the latter.

I'm not crazy about heights but I love ziplines. Don't ask me why
Made it! Now on to the next zipline
Point of departure. I had to walk back to rejoin my friends
As you can see, there's something for everyone in Legazpi. I hope you get to enjoy it as I did.

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