Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ilocos Norte Quick Day Tour 2: the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

In my earlier post, I wrote about our visit to a dragon fruit plantation and the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. Renting a van made this lightning visit very convenient, and having a knowledgeable driver navigate us through the old (the lighthouse) and the new (the plantation) sights made the trip worthwhile. Next on the agenda was the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, a place we've never been before, having only known it myself through the local edition  of Project Runway, where it served as inspiration for the work of one of the contestants.

The Kapurpurawan Rock Formation was located minutes away from the lighthouse.
Kapurpurawan refers to the "whiteness" of the exposed  limestone

To get to the rock formation, we had to walk through this 
At one point the trail was blanketed by the trees

the rocky coast of Burgos

We could have settled for this--stopping by the view-deck.
...but we soldiered on, going round the cliff to get a better view...
...and it was worth it!
We had to be careful--one false move and we'd plunge down here 
Allan was surefooted, and he earned this winning shot. Note the thorny twigs just below him?
They were placed there to prevent people from attempting to cross  the more perilous side
The exposed cliff provided many opportunities for cam-whoring. :-)

Some of us went exploring here, and saw some fish...
...and spindly crabs!

It was near-dusk when we returned to the van. The moon has already
made an appearance, but we still have one stop to go
Next stop: Bangui Windmills

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