Tuesday, February 12, 2013

At the Sidcor Sunday Market

Where the Legzapi and Salcedo weekend markets are uppity, the SIDCOR Sunday market is decidedly middle class and a little bohemian. Formerly located at the Lung Center, it has transferred recently to the Eton Centris parking lot, located along EDSA corner Quezon Avenue. To get there I took the MRT ride from EDSA station and alighted at Quezon Avenue station.  
At certain spots, the weekend market looks like your typical palengke
Rule of thumb: always go where the crowd is. This is Mary's Kitchen's stall.
Kain galore!
To escape the building heat, we chose a spot near the stalls selling plants
I always have a weakness for paella negra, but this one's forgettable
I also bought some flavored hopia (bean-filled pastries introduced
by Fujian immigrants). Let's just say these were pretty 
My friend fared better with her choices. Click here to see here purchases.

I love the down-to-earth vibe and the accessibility of the Sidcor Sunday market. Plus, it's close to UP-Diliman, my alma mater, so the nostalgia factor is there.

6 am to 2 pm

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