Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pictures from Two Years of Philippine Fashion Week

I love my artist friends. Many members of the first group that I joined in university are now writers, interior designers, painters, and media practitioners. I am in awe of the creative process, and as much as possible I celebrate with them when they exhibit their works.

I'm fortunate to be friends with fashion designer June Pugat, and he has been graciously inviting me to his shows during Philippine Fashion Week at SMX. I look forward to the whole spectacle, and this post, long overdue, is my way of thanking him. For one hour I also get the chance to photography things other than food. 
Group shot from Fanny Serrano's show, the only decent picture I have of last
month's PFW. Time to buy a camera with better zoom.
My friend was part of the Grand Allure collection

My friends, like Paul, came in dressed to the nines.
Below are pictures from June's collection last year.

My friend, June Pugat
The following pictures are from the other designers in the Grand Allure Collection held last year.

Danica Magpantay in a Fanny Serrano



Until the next show later this year. 


  1. Amigo, this is June. I grabbed my photo ha. I think you had a good shot of me here and I want to post it as my DP in FB. :D

  2. grab away! thanks for the invitations. ;-)