Thursday, June 7, 2012

At the Souvenir Shop

When we stayed in Puerto Princesa City, close by our hotel was the Tiangge Tiangge Pasalubong and Souvenir Shop. This is where our driver brought us after our Ihawig firefly watching activity (read about it here).  Since it was quite late, the open air stalls were closed, but the air-conditioned  section was still open and buzzing with tourists.

I took a few shots of the merchandise, in case you happen to drop by.
freshwater pearls in neon colors 

more pearls

more necklaces

crocodile stuffed toys

wooden crocodiles 


dried fish

cahsew nuts 

corn snacks
Since I live in a tiny condo, I avoid buying things that would only clutter what limited space I already have. I tend to buy food
"non-spicy" tamarind candies, which turned out to pack a little heat
and, for non-perishable items, things I'd use, like this mug I bought from a mall in General Santos City.

isn't she pretty?
In Pattaya, I broke the no-knickknack rule and went for these glass tortoises. How could I resist?

tres tortugas marinas

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