Friday, May 25, 2012

Jakarta Food Diary

It was my third day in Jakarta, and except for a few items  in the breakfast buffet, I have not eaten anything Indonesian. And so, even though I was stuffed from dinner and the coffee and cake afterwards,  I resolved to correct this oversight back at the hotel by ordering room service (it helps that the prices were not very prohibitive, I think). I ordered this

Nasi Goreng Kampung -traditional fried rice with prawns served with chicken satay, fried eggs,
and fried country chicken. Nasi goreng is said to be the national dish of Indonesia
I was almost done when I realized I left the dip, together with a vegetable side dish, at the tray. It was like eating roasted pig without the liver sauce, LOL.
This is what I ate during my first breakfast at the hotel. I tried to eat healthy.
I bit into my papaya before realizing I forgot to take a photo.
I tried their version of lumpia (Filipino fried spring rolls). It was spicy!
The next day I sampled Indonesian food. I like the spicy deep fried crackers made from melinjo nuts--emping--similar to the Philippine kropek.
A sliver of emping at the bottom left.
The hotel provided Mentos candies during the workshop. I almost cracked a tooth when I bit into one--the outer layer was almost as hard as regular candy.

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