Friday, January 3, 2014

What I Did in Davao Last Year

Before I give the last part of my Bora diaries, here's a breather. This is my 2013 post on Davao--you can see my earlier posts here and here. Here are the highlights of my trips down under.

1. Hotels. I went to an old favorite, and I got the opportunity to try a new one. 

I paid my own way for the Marco Polo Hotel Davao leg. This was my base when I went there solo. 
photo credit: Joseph Cruz
I love the cabanas. I can stay in the whole day if I want to.

I was happy with the susyal hotel room swag.

Later that year I hanged out by the pool. Lovely. For what we ate, go here

My early 2013 Davao trip allowed me access to the penthouse, where I enjoyed afternoon tea, with a view. 

At one work-related function, we contracted Park Inn Hotel. It was sleek and modern, but with vibrant colors, it didn't appear aloof. 

Park Inn is part of the SM Group, meaning shopping is just a hop away.

We had durian cheesecake for dessert! I give Park Inn high marks for their food. They do good steak.

2. Restaurants

Travel tip: read the resto recommendations in your planes' in-flight magazine. This was how I discovered Belito's Vineyard, which is tucked away in a residential compound. For my menu recommendations, go here.

The resto was quiet when I went there Sunday. There was only a couple there, aside from me, having early lunch. I found the menu printed on a chalkboard, and the antique ceiling fan, charming.

I already wrote about D' Farmers Market in my earlier post.

In our last visit we tried the D101 durian variant. It tastes like avocado: subtle, delicate, with a slight bite

3. Purchases 

I'm a creature of habit, as you might have noticed in my early posts on Davao. If you happen to be in Aldevinco, I recommend you make a beeline for Coralyn's for good buys. 

This is where I bought my snazzy table-cloth.

I also dropped by American Surplus for pre-loved items: 

A trip to Davao is not complete without scoring mangosteen and pomelo. 

I could finish a tray of mangosteen all by myself.

Despite a week in storage, these pomelos remained juicy.

For those who can't stand fresh durian, Lola Abon's durian ice cream is a good bet. You can also smuggle it into the hotels without raising an alarm. 

That's it for now. I'll post more this year.

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