Friday, June 29, 2012

Pattaya Food Diary

I was excited when I heard that I'll be sent to Pattaya for work. I had fond memories of my trip to Bangkok almost a decade ago, which includes eating an excellent beef noodle soup in a makeshift stall. So you could just imagine how much I was looking forward to some free time to try the street food in Pattaya.

Bangkok, 2003. Several pounds lighter, but already a voracious eater
Alas, we were billeted in an area with no hole-in-the-wall eateries in sight. Ambulant vendors though, drop by regularly. The offerings were good. Not pictured here is the best tofu-on-a-stick I had the fortune to try. I can still remember how silky and flavorful it was, dripping with sweet-and-spicy sauce. 
Chicken on a stick, with bits of  grilled green pepper, and pineapple 
Fish balls
Wednesday night our hosts treated us to dinner at a beach-side restaurant. I wasn't able to get its name, but I  highly recommend you try it.

This was our view
The friendliest of cats curled up on my feet during dinner
After a moment, the food came. I wasn't able to get the names, but they were delicious (the fish and seafood  were fresh). And spicy. I was sweating like a pig while eating, but that's okay. There's no point eating bland food in Thailand.

This bowl packs a lot of heat... you can see here.
The dips were lethal as well.

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