Friday, June 15, 2012

Meal for One

A few weeks before my Pattaya trip I had a sudden urge to eat Thai food. There was a restaurant I've been meaning to try at the mall near the office, so off I went after gym. I wasn't really expecting much, since I've eaten at Bangkok years ago. I just wanted familiar flavors to ease me into my next travel.

Per usual, I asked for a table for one. It came automatic, after years of dining alone. I used to be self-conscious about it, but I learned to tune the crowd, and the internal critic, off. I just avoid rowdy restaurants--the sensory overload is just too much for an introvert to take. I usually choose a table by the window, to watch people go by and lose myself in my thoughts. Sometimes I flip through magazines, or read a book, to pass time. If the restaurant is well-designed, I take it all in. One pocket of happiness for me is to find a restaurant that serves good food, looks great, and provides a good vantage view for people-watching.

I tried eating out in a restaurant alone abroad when I had a study tour in Halifax. After a few days of eating Western food, I was craving for rice. The only Filipino restaurant in the area was nowhere to be found, so after walking for blocks, I was so relieved to find a Thai restaurant. I couldn't remember what other dishes I ordered, but I do remember how incredibly white and soft the rice went. It's always nice doing familiar things in an unfamiliar setting.
i had the pandan juice. i love how gingery it tasted 
this was so forgettable i forgot to note its name
one taste of the sukothai and i'm transported to the streets of bangkok
sweet banana with cocomilk . the plantains were soft--just the way i like it

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