Saturday, April 20, 2013

Traveling Solo: Singapore's The Scarlet Hotel

I've written about how I enjoyed my first solo leisure travel three years ago here. A handful of similar travels later, I decided it was time for my first solo out-of-the-country leisure travel, using my frequent flyer miles. I was supposed to go last January 2012, but for some reason or another I had to resched to late November.

If you're the handful of people following this blog, you'd know I have a peculiar way of traveling, like most people I guess. I splurge on the things I deem important (like hotels and inland transport), but I'm not above a good bargain (there's not a hawker center I didn't like). I don't feel smug, neither do I feel any less, because of the way I travel. What I can't stand are sanctimonious people who proclaim that their mode of traveling is more authentic than anyone else's. That's probably true, after all what they say reveals more of who they are, and what feels right to them, but I don't give a hoot. I maintain this blog because I want to share my love of traveling, and if this is of help to someone else, then well and good. Now on to the subject of this post.

Smart traveling involves a lot of planning (something I should do more, LOL). In the weeks leading to my departure date I accumulated a sheaf of clippings on the island-state, and one thing that stood out was to book this quaint boutique hotel, The Scarlet, conveniently located at Chinatown, and a hop and a jump away from the Maxwell Food Center and the vibrant bar scene in Club Street, which reminded me of Malate in the 90s. 

the morning after. the night before, a friday, my taxi deposited me at this corner.
i had to take a few steps to the left to reach the lobby. this was a quiet corner in a
happening area, but i decided to rest rather than go out. i liked early morning jaunts
when traveling. the less people, the better

christmas was quite upon us, and thus the decor. still, it was all about gothic drama.
one of the receptionists during my last day was a filipina. it's quite a comfort meeting
compatriots in strange places

my room! so excited

what could be gayer than this? my singapore-based told me as much.
what it lacked in size, my room made up in attitude

my welcome drink--blood orange italian soda. thankfully, it
wasn't that sugary at all. 

my favorite corner, where i'd scribble the day's events in
my diary and pore over  the receipts of my purchases
(not that i did much at all)

this could have been overdone, but they know when to rein in their maximalist tendencies

detail of the bathroom lighting

table lamp situation

muted colors tempered the exuberant details

this is my favorite design element--so witty!

just above the lobby

hotels with fresh flowers are always a plus

Let's just say that in spite of my teeny room, I love this hotel. Many rooms have no windows--luckily, I had one, so ask before booking. The hotel is near a few bars, but I was roomed in the quieter section, and so I slept soundly. Very accommodating staff, fast and reliable WIFI. Try the rooftop bar, if you're into it. I skipped that, opting to stay in my room, instead. Which is not a bad idea at all, staying in.

The Scarlet Hotel
33 Erskine Road, Singapore

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