Monday, April 15, 2013

A Peek at Fort Ilocandia Resort and Casino

Fort Ilocandia bills itself as the only 5-star resort hotel in the northern Philippines. Sand dunes, a pine forest, black-sand beach, and buildings made of red bricks make this complex unique. It's also quiet and quite secluded. I'm here for work--the hotel can handily accommodate the seminars and conferences I manage. It's really grand, but a little too dark and dated for my taste. Obviously, this is not for the budget traveler. 

For breakfast, a must-try is the garlicky Laoag longganiza. For adventure junkies, you can ride the horses or the all-terrain vehicles, let off steam at the shooting range, or go surfing. 

the lobby. pictures of VIP guests stare at us from the walls
all i need are colonial-era costumes, and i'm set
what is it with hotels and koi ponds? 
this was taken 4 years ago using my camera phone. those bouganvilla vines
are lovely,  and they soften the look of the brick buildings

another photo from the archives

my room has a balcony, but i rarely use it. it was so humid outside.
i own a tv set as bulky as this one

blast from 4 years ago: early morning walk along the beach.
not recommended for swimming, though

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