Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Boracay Dispatches--Day 2: Muddled Middle

the blues, creams, and grays that make bora such a sight for sore eyes
It was my second day at Bora, and I wished I woke up earlier (you can read about the first day post here ). I stirred at 6:30 am, missing the opportunity to jog. Anyway, I consoled myself with the thought that there's still tomorrow.

Skipped hotel breakfast. I was placed in a room near the buffet area, and the hotel breakfast greeters were chatty while waiting for guests to come in, creating quite a cacophony. I decided to go to Real Coffee and Tea Cafe instead. 

Real Coffee is now located at the beachfront at the second floor of Sea World at Station 2. They moved last September. The staff are, as usual, low-key and solicitous. The nipa-style bar is still there. 

They tried to replicate the old look at their new setting, but I find the older one more charming, hidden away in a narrow alley.

I ordered the real coffee (brewed coffee with a shot of espresso) and Marty's omeletteI'm not a breakfast person, making it hard for me to finish the generous plate. Tip: if you're a serial coffee drinker, order the starred items in the menu--they come with brewed coffee, and you pay P50 for refill. 

Halfway through my meal the lights went out. The server did warn me about this, when she switched on the fan near my table, saying we should make the most out of it before the blackouts. Apparently power supply is below capacity, an effect of Typhoon Yolanda. 

view from the second floor of sea wind
I wanted to go out and do another resto run, but the weather was sultry (earlier there was a slight drizzle) and I felt like mellowing out. I'm feeling the island vibe.

I proceeded to Jonah's, but the avocado shake is still out of stock. I settled for the mango-banana shake, which was quite good actually. 

On my way back from Jonah's I went to Zuzuni for the Mati Choco Sin, another Bora must-try.

By this time it's nearing 11 am, and I need to duck to escape the sun. I tried buying slippers (one of the things I forgot to bring) but the cheapest were at P150 and they can go up P350 a pair at D'Mall. Oh me and my forget self. Glad I espied Kirsten's Souvenir Shop, which was just a few meters from my hotel, and bought flip-flops that were not knock-offs

I then proceeded to my hotel room and stayed there from 11 am to 2 om. I was having hives all over my shoulders, chest and stomach despite applying sunblock. Oh I should remember to reapply every often since I perspire way too much. 

At around 3 pm I decided to set of to do some blogging. I attempted writing in my hotel room but the data connection is poor. I went to Caruso Restaurant for pasta and some blogging--they offer free wifi for 2 hours. I ordered the seafood pasta but it was just okay. was expecting much from Caruso: I've been to their Reposo branch (recommended by the then Italian Ambassador himself) and the dinner I had one there was truly memorable. 

I was on my way to Jonahs for the elusive avocado shake, but I decided to try Mañana first.  Like many beachfront restos in Bora, I noticed that most foreigners prefer to sit along the street or nearer the beach, while I sought comfort in the confines of the airconed room or the shade. I had the soft tacos, which was good. Unfortunately, I could not focus on what I was eating because I found the service wanting: the waiters should be taught to treat their customers promptly and with courtesy. The waiter who served me was more solicitous to foreigners. Hello, I'm a paying customer and I'm more likely to come back. I was willing to let it go but then he ignored me when I said I'll be moving tables after smoke from their kitchen made my eyes water (they should invest in a more efficient exhaust). I was supposed to proceed to Jonah's but I returned to report the incident to the manager, who was out. I instead complained to one female staff who, to the resto's credit, was courteous and solicitous. Still not satisfied, I messaged the restaurant in their Facebook page. To this day I haven't heard from the aptly named Mañana.

As I'm mentioned in my earlier post, this early in my vacation I'm already inspired enough to consider giving my travel blog another go, having remembered why I created it in the first place--an inspiration and resource for solo introverted travelers like myself. Good thing I only wrote few to-do things for this tip, otherwise I would feel too swamped to do anything productive. I've also done some reflecting: like being grateful for the things I thought were drawbacks about myself, realizing that if people were meant to be in my life, indeed they'd stay.

Tune in for the last installment, coming out soon.

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