Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cagayan de Oro the Second Time Around

This is my second post on Cagayan de Oro. You can read the first one here. We stayed at Mallberry Suites Business Hotel, conveniently located near a mall, and the rooms were not bad at all.
My friend alerted me that the steaks at the hotel's Rosso Steakhouse Restaurant were good. It's always full at night--it appears to be a popular dating venue.
On my first night i tried the Rib Eye Minis, medium rare. It was quite good, although some of the edges were tough. I paired this with a glass of shiraz.
The following night I tried the U.S. Rib Eye, again medium rare. It was tender all throughout, and very savory. Unfortunately they overcooked the meat.
By the way, rosso is red in Italian. The hotel plays the color game with its Cafe Berde, Blue Duck Bar, and The Tangerine Restaurant.

In the eve of my departure, I went to the popular Candy's, located at nearby Rosario Strip for for beer (look at how frosty the bottles looked) and relaxation. Their pizza was quite good too.
I brought some pineapples back at home, and they were delicious. CDO is near Bukidnon, home to the Del Monte Pineapple Plantation.
Next time I want to try more steaks, eat at Cafe Laguna, and see the museum.

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