Thursday, February 28, 2013

Half Day Bohol Tour Part 3: Mint Choco Hills

Let's continue with our quick trip around Bohol. Last time we visited the tarsiers in the newly built conservation area and considered some items in the Bohol Bee Farm's Gift Shop. For today we'll drive up the town of Carmen to view the Chocolate Hills. En route we passed by the magical man-made forest, comprised mostly of mahogany trees. Lately they have planted more indigenous tree species.
our faces lit up when we saw this sign

we passed by a few solitary hills, like this one, on our way to the viewing point

the hills are green during this time of year

to get to the viewing point, one can either take the stairs or the ramp

I've learned in my visits that the Boholanos are very religious. I don't know if this
has anything to do with the proliferation of papaya trees wherever we go. 

Bohol is usually spared  visits from typhoons, but during our visit the sky was overcast.
Luckily the sun appeared briefly for a few minutes.

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