Thursday, February 28, 2013

Quick Makati Escape: Cocooning in Dusit Thani and Loot from Salcedo and Legazpi Weekend Markets

I love traveling alone. My friends are precious to me, but there are times that I just want downtime on my own. That's the introvert in me speaking--to revitalize myself, I need solitude. 

Another peculiar thing about me is that I don't mind spending all day in a tasteful hotel. I live alone with no help, thus I rely on myself to keep thing spic and span. Unfortunately I'm a rather flaky house-maker, thus the thought of people cleaning and tidying after you is bliss. Thus, I'm a sucker for hotel special offers, the latest of which is via Dusit Thani Hotel.

I had my room upgraded to junior suite. Don't ask me about the extra bed (smile). I can live here for weeks.

After booking my stay, I later discovered that December 21 was the day the Mayans allegedly predicted the end of the world. Oh well, I told myself, should that come to pass, at least I'll end in style. Luckily I'm writing this post, so the world still stands.

I love Thai food, as I fell in love with the cuisine during my visits to Thailand and Pattaya. The prawn fried rice and tom young soup were okay.

The next morning I made a quick trip to the Salcedo Saturday market. Of course, my purchases were food.

Azuthai's Massaman lamb curry with potatoes and peanuts. Rich and saucy,
not gamy at all. Reminds me of caldereta. A little more heat would be nice, though.

Azuthai's prawn salad. It was just okay.
For my best buy, click here.

A few days later I went to the Legazpi Weekend Market. This is my loot: garlicky Cabanatuan longganiza from the Cooking Papas stall (P150); Inang Salud's ensaymada (P180); and a bottle of organic cocoa butter (P190).

This pillow-soft , melts-in-your mouth ensayamda can easily feed 3. It was excellent,
and comparable to Mary Grace's. I prefer my ensaymada salty, and I get that just by
unwrapping it. 

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