Thursday, February 2, 2012

First things first—an introduction

This is not my first go at creating a blog. Scattered in the nether regions of the internet are my stillborn attempts to join the already crowded blogosphere. What makes this blog fresh is that it presents a relatively new perspective—that of the introverted Pinoy traveler.

I’ve struggled with being an innie all my life. Recently I’ve been told by well-meaning friends—all extroverts and aghast at my non-existent love life—to be more “out” there. They think that with a little more effort, I can be coupled, happy, and normal. But I’m happy just as I am. I’m not saying I’m discounting the thrills of being with someone, yet for now I’m content.

And for the very first time I’m not embarrassed to say I like to travel alone. I love my friends dearly, but sometimes all I need is to sip coffee by the sidewalk, watching the world go by, lost in my thoughts.


  1. I am always amazed by you innies. I am an extra-extravert. I spent a fair number of days wishing I was more introverted though because there's something I admire and even envy about that ability to sip coffee and watch the world go by. I instead find myself sipping coffee, watching the world go by, then texting someone about the thoughts I had, wishing I didn't need their affirmation.

  2. Hi Caroline! I, on the other hand, sometimes wish I'd be more extraverted--less lost in my own thoughts and more with my friends and people I like to be friends with. But I guess the diversity all around us makes for a more interesting world. Thanks for dropping by. ;-)