Friday, April 27, 2012

Indonesia's Snakefruit: Thankfully It Doesn't Hiss

This is a quick post--I've been so busy the past weeks I've been remiss with this blog.

Remember my post about practicing eating with chopsticks for my upcoming travels in Southeast Asia? I was already happy with two trips, then I heard the news that I'll be sent to Indonesia. I was trying my best not to look too excited.

Anyway, on our second night, a compatriot living in Jakarta showed us around. At the grocery, he pointed out an unusual looking fruit, aptly named the snake fruit. Intrigued I tried some at breakfast the next day.
They were the size of mangosteens.
You eat it by first peeling it with your hands from the pointy tip.
The fruit sections look like garlic cloves. It tasted like a dry, nutty guyabano, with a hint of durian. I'm not crazy about it. At the very least its interesting. I only tasted one--next time I'll give it another go.

More on my travel to Indonesia soon.

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