Monday, May 27, 2013

Singapore Quick City Tour

Earlier in my series of post on Singapore, I wrote about a sexy boutique hotel where I stayed, a quirky gift shop and cafe, and what made me go to Singapore in the first place. I originally intended to go exploring on my own, but when friends learned that I was in the city-state, a couple were kind enough to offer to show me around. One of them was a former foreign language classmate who is now based in Singapore.

I soon discovered that one can cover Singapore in a day, thanks in large part to its very efficient MRT system. I must admit I found traveling by train intimidating, and so it was a blessing to have my classmate guide me along. By the way, this post is full of pictures of me. You've been warned. :-)

Since I was in Chinatown, we first made a pit-stop at the stall-lined streets and the nearby Sri Mariamman  temple, the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore, pictured below.

Next stop was Sentosa Island, where Resorts World's Universal Studios theme park is located. Frankly, Western theme parks transported in Asia don't appeal to me. I rather spend my pesos on local cuisine and taxi (smile). I posed for the obligatory souvenir shots and bought some candies from Reese's and that's it. We went  there by train, and my friend oriented me on the rules for surviving daily life in the city, i.e. keeping to your left.

From Sentosa, we explored Orchard Road, described as the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore. On weekdays there is not much people, but since it was a Saturday the streets were crawling with tourists and weekenders. We passed by Lucky Plaza shopping center, where many Pinoys congregate. Stopping by for a light in front of the building, we were soon joined by compatriots. It suddenly felt like home. I also heard some squawking overhead. Looking up we noticed crows crowding the trees that lined the streets.

We went inside the boutiques of Abercrombie and Fitch and H&M. I particularly requested for the latter, since the first H&M branch I visited was in Toronto, where I had fond memories.

The city was bright with holiday lights, but no one beats Pinoys when celebrating Christmas.

We boarded the train again and after alighting, we walked towards the Central Business District. It was practically deserted.

We then parked ourselves at one of the outdoor tables at Starbucks One Fullerton to get a ringside view of  Marina Bay Sands' Wonder Full light and water show, which was on nightly. We were about an hour early, so we killed time exploring the nearby Merlion Park and the exhibits at the Esplanade. Quick note: Singapore was originally a fishing village and its original name, Singapura, means lion city, thus the merlion symbol is apt. 

Singapore skyline pictured above. I wonder how it feels like working here. I won't mind doing so.

Starbucks was full when we returned, but we still got a good spot along the water banks. Check the schedule before heading to the area. And come in early to get a good spot. 

My friend and I returned to my hotel on foot. Needless to say it's safe to walk around Singapore at night. I'm grateful for my friend for giving me a quick tour of the city, otherwise I wouldn't have covered half as much as we did. 

Next post: historic Clarke Quay and the rest of Chinatown


  1. I love your blog attorney! Keep posting!

  2. Thanks, Ares! Your encouragement means a lot. :-) Hope to see you soon