Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dining is an Experience at Ka Lui's

Probably the best known restaurant in Puerto Princesa City is Ka Lui's Restaurant. Be sure it's part of your city tour package. If not, book a lunch or dinner a day ahead. By the way we go to the restaurant via tricycle, which looks different from those of Manila.
I didn't know what to expect when we got to Ka Lui. Things took on a fast clip in April, preventing me from doing some online research. I think it worked better that way--not knowing what lies ahead. I was an excited kid when I saw the signage.
At the waiting area, we were made to remove our shoes. This reminds me of what we do when visiting neighbors in my mother's hometown.
Remember old picture books depicting stylized indigenous wooden homes? That's what I felt when I entered the restaurant--gleaming wooden floors, spaces filled with curiosities, naif art everywhere.
We fell in love with our table decor made of mangoes, and red and unripe bananas. It was a photo-op waiting to happen.
And another.
Last na.
We were fortunate to meet Ka Lui himself, who made sure dishes came out okay before leaving the kitchen.
Installation art made of bananas, papayas, and coconuts at a corner near our table. I was sorely tempted to pluck a banana.
While waiting for the food, we took to more cam-whoring. I was gunning for candid in this shot.
For starters, we were given a plate of seagrapes tempered with a dash of calamansi.
We ordered crabs, among others. For the rest of what we ate you can read it here and here.
For those who eat crabs with their hands, like me, you'll be directed here
to reach the washing area.
After dinner, we were invited by Ka Lui to see what lies at the back of the restaurant. Art was everywhere.
This is my favorite: a picture of a lady beckoning by the women's toilet.
A curtain of red peppers in front of the restaurant was another photo op hard to resist.


  1. Very nice one Atty. Dave. It's very detailed and encouraging. I hope I'll be able to bring my family here. They will surely love it. Kudos to your blog!

  2. Thanks, Rush. I wish I can return, too. Ka Lui is worth another trip.