Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hotel Rooms I Love--Holiday Inn Clark

If you're familiar with my posts, you'd know that I love nice hotels. I know many would shake their heads in disgust, but I could choose to stay in the hotel room the whole day and just veg out.  I lean towards design that is bright and airy. Playfulness is a plus. Today I start a series of hotel rooms that caught my eye, many of which I stayed in in the course of my work.

I love this room in Holiday Inn Clark, Pampanga. It manages to pull off a challenging wall color--green. For quite a while I was thinking of this color for my own crib. And did I mention that for someone who can't settle in immediately in unfamiliar surroundings, I slept like a baby during my stay? Enjoy the photos!

A welcome basket of fresh fruits is always a plus

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  1. This holiday inn in Clark Pampanga is one of the nicest place I've been stayed when I visited the province few months ago. :)