Friday, August 24, 2012

Missing Boracay

All of a sudden I'm missing Boracay. I was going over pictures of my past travels, and this set of pictures brought me back to the white, powdery beach, clear, crystalline waters, and all-weather beauty of Boracay. 

Work brought us there. We stayed at the Lagoon Regency, which I posted earlier here. During our free time, we walked to Station 1 where the sand is at its finest, and took pictures at the Discovery Shores, which was recently included as one of the world's best island hotels by travel+leisure. Next time I visit solo, this hotel is for me.

For memorable trips, good company is a must. I've always said, it's an honor to work with the best people in my field, and work is a joy with agreeable company (who are always on the look-out for the perfect Kodak moment). 

What is travel without good food?
fresh oysters, sweetish and brimming with the essence of the sea
It is during this trip that I experienced the tangy goodness of Real Coffee and Tea Cafe's calamansi muffins

Soon, I'll be back.

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